Let's Wreck This Journal - 2016
Having a "George Carlin" Moment

Comparison Is The Death Of Joy


That's a great quote from Mark Twain isn't it? I recently read this article "Don’t Fall Into This Trap That Could Destroy Your Blog" - I know! More blog preaching, but please hear me out.

This is a piggy back on the blog tip I shared recently.  First, this article is from 2013 but the issue is still relevant to blogging today. We get inspired by blogs we enjoy and follow and think how super fun and awesome it would be to just blog for a living right? We would be writing insightful articles while sitting in a swank cafe sipping our latte, taking a picture of that latte, making a difference, changing lives, yeah, thats not what really  happens even if the blogger wants you to believe that.   That's the point of the article, to never take what you perceive at face value. 

I see this at my job sometimes too. I would be working on a Help ticket where the person says "I want my blog to look like www.someonesprettyblog.com." and I roll my eyes. I do!  We try to encourage people not to directly copy another blogger's design but some folks just don't care. They want to be another Seth Godin! Do you know how long Seth has been blogging for?? They think if they copy said big-name blogger, they will instantly gain the readership and notoriety too. 


We compare ourselves to others more than we care to admit.  This does not apply just to blogging, we compare our business, families, appearance, we SAY we don't care what others think, but it still happens.  It happens to me.  It's partly the reason why I am taking a break from Pulp Sushi.  I can't help but compare on the success of other jewelry shops and where I seem to be lacking.  

However, I can't let myself be consumed by this and neglect my other interests.  If something I used to enjoy stops bringing me joy, it may be time to move on. Not saying I won't come back to it, but moving on can be therapeutic and helps with finding a new joy or rediscovering joy that has been buried under other stuff (like blogging!).

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