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Let's Wreck This Journal - 2016

Wreck This JournalThis past Christmas, I got a journal but this is a different kind of journal - Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. She has written a few books that are very interactive, encouraging creativity and perhaps, getting some stress out.   This is not a book you take care of, it's a book you scribble in, tear up, dirty up, fold pages, step on, throw across the room, and more!

I started going through Wreck This Journal on January 1st.  Not really going in order either (and that's okay). Here are some of the pages I haven't got to yet.  Will probably share my progress (and possible artwork??) throughout the year.



And some pages I started or finished, I can always squeeze in a few more words.


There should be more stickers on this page but I keep forgetting to peel the stickers off or I just throw them away.

When I was younger I kept a traditional journal but since I started blogging, I've been writing in a book less but I still like the idea of doing something with pen and paper as a form of release.

Every page of Wreck This Journal has a different prompt. I plan to go through the entire book in 2016. There are some pages with tasks that I just don't want to do, like rip pages out, rub pages with sticky stuff like honey/gum/syrup - gooiness and I'm just thinking "Ew! I don't want bugs crawling on my book! I keep my place clean!!"

It is still a very fun book so if you want to try something different but not sure what, Wreck This Journal has a little bit of everything. Just let go and have fun!

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