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And The Stars Look Very Different Today - RIP David Bowie


When Lemmy Kilmister died at the end of last month, I got on Facebook and said "Fuck You 2015!!!" because it was just a very rough year of losing many legendary icons I grew up with in music, television, and wrestling.  I was hoping 2016 would be a fresh start, a clean slate. 

I found out David Bowie died 6:30 this morning.  I didn't have a blog post planned for today.   I don't usually write tribute posts after someone dies because the older I get, the more tributes I would be writing.  

Today is different.

And The Stars Look Very Different Today

This is a line from "Space Oddity", I have been quoting this online all morning, because it's true.  

While David Bowie has left this blue world, he will never leave us.  He will live forever in the music he has blessed us with.  Going back to 1967 up until his birthday two days ago with his last album, Blackstar, he has left us with so much to enjoy.

Can You Hear Me, Major Tom?

Oh his voice. That voooooiiiiice!  I loved David Bowie's voice.  There will never be another voice like his - ghostly and trance-inducing, yet smooth and soft like velvet.  I started liking David Bowie when I was 8 years old and I saw the video for "Blue Jean":

I didn't grow up with MTV so I didn't get to see many videos when I was little. I had to rely on the local channels and their weekly (sometimes daily) video shows.  I'm sure I've heard his music before but "Blue Jean" stood out for me.

Many people today are talking about the impact he made in music, fashion and how he transcended genres. He wasn't just a singer, everything he did was "Art" with a capital "A."  He was an Ambassador of Weirdness, not afraid to change his style, try something different, be innovative, and become an icon. Yes he will be missed, let just keep reminding ourselves that he's only moved on to a better realm.

I'll stick with you baby for a thousand years, nothing's gonna touch you in these golden years

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