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Sweets For My Sweet, My Tribute To Cake - Happy Valentine's Day


First off, you're welcome!  I know that's some yummy looking cake.  You want to swim in that icing don't you?

This is a cake I got for me and Mike a couple of years ago from Amy's Bread down in Hell's Kitchen, NYC.  I sing their praises on Twitter all the time (@amysbread).   They make some of the best cake ever ever ever! And if you buy a slice of cake, though $4.95, it is worth every penny because their slices are so big!! I will gladly throw my money at them.  Considered by some as "New York's Favorite Bakery" I couldn't argue, they even have a cookbook!

Me and Mike don't make that big of a deal over Valentine's Day, we exchange cards and go out for dinner but then again, we go out to dinner almost every Saturday.  Instead let's talk about my true love....CAKE!

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 9.03.59 PM

Ooooooh snap!  This is a Rainbow slice from Evelyn's Kitchen, in celebration of Pride and "Love Always Wins", it sure does.  They have a location at Gotham West Market, also in Hell's Kitchen. A very rich cake with super sweet icing. 


There is a diner near my home, the I-84 Diner, which has some of the best desserts in the area.  It's hard to walk out of there and not look at their dessert case. Carrot Cake is my favorite cake. Theirs is very good, but they also have Carrot Cheesecake! Isn't that beautiful?


This is THE signature cake from Amy's Bread!  It's my favorite cake of theirs.


And I wanted to end with this little cutie!  Me and Mike treated ourselves to a monster cake for Halloween last year, it was almost too cute to cut up. 

I hope you enjoyed my Cake tribute! Happy Valentine's Day!

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