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This Month In Review - March 2017


Another month has past and Spring is here yet it still doesn't feel like it as I'm wrapped in a blanket and a Winter Storm Warning has been issued for the area (although it's technically not Winter anymore).  

I did start something pretty awesome this month, I started practicing Yoga again!  I can't wait to talk about it here. Once upon a time, I was a serious Yogini and practiced a lot. I even had a blog dedicated to it which is still online!  My practice was pretty strong and then life got in the way, money became an issue, and I put that off to the side with the occasional attempt to practice on my own but nothing regular stuck. Needless to say, I'm happy to be moving again.  Yoga is essential in my life. Now I just need to get back into walking/jogging again.  This winter messed me up.

What else was new in my blog in March? I have to say, I love putting these monthly blog recaps together!

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