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Sixteen Waterfalls of Dreams, Memories, and Sentiments

I don't usually stare at paintings for too long. On my last visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, I went to the 20th Century gallery, I don't usually go in that section as it's a pretty ginormous museum. This piece by Pat Steir caught my eye and I stood looking at it for a few minutes. It's called "Sixteen Waterfalls of Dreams, Memories and Sentiments."


I didn't think waterfalls but I thought of one of my favorite times - being home when it's pouring rain. I could hear the rain hitting my windows and the sound of thunder in the distance all in my head.

I try to check out every Fashion exhibit The Met hosts too. My invite to the Met Gala seems to get lost every year, go figure! This year was designer Rei Kawakubo. Some of the designs were pretty trippy (see IG slideshow below)!


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