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Grab a Cup & Blanket: Good Reads This Month

Good articles and blog reads this month

I've been doing SO much reading lately, my eyes are about to bug out. I will come across a great blog post or article (are they the same thing?) and think "I'd like to share this sometime" and then forget about it. Not today!

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Things To Do On A Snow Day


I am in the middle of a blizzard, I think it's called "Stella" (??), which is impacting most of the entire North East. Where I live is looking to get AT LEAST a foot of snow!!! This is how my bench looked this morning.


I still love the start of a snowfall.  I don't get to enjoy "Snow Day" since I work from home but it's nice to not have that pressure of wondering how I would get to work or if I should even bother.

Last year I talked about my love of breakfast, reading ebooks, and binge watching my Roku.  Not much has changed but I'll add a few more things to the list of things I enjoy doing on a snow day: 

I'm still going through my subscription of New Yorker Magazine.  I'm currently 2 weeks behind with their issues.  Once this subscription runs out I'm looking to start another, I'm thinking National Geographic.  Any suggestions?


Preparing my coffee in the morning has become a different kind of ritual.  It takes longer now, but I can afford the extra time to make my coffee.  I've gotten into grinding my beans which I purchased from Irving Farms Coffee Roasters in Millerton, NY.  It is the only coffee I drink black because it's that good.


Listen to more records!!  Last Friday there was a Vinyl Record Pop-Up in Beacon, NY so I had to check it out. I found some good stuff.  This is my half of the loot, Mike brought home some good stuff too.  This is a good day to spin some records all day, as long as the power doesn't go out.

My latest vinyl record scores

Are you snowed in today? What are you favorite things to do on a snow day?

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This Month In Review - January 2017

I want to start doing monthly recaps on my blog just as a way to see if I'm sticking to my writing goal for the year. So far I'm doing good with my two blog posts per week and feel like I'm settling in to a groove (yes this recap counts ha ha!).


January was a doozy! Not a quiet month, that's for sure.

I'm still trying to wrap my  head around the circus fiasco of this past weekend with the #MuslimBan and the promotion of Steven Bannon - holy fuck! Let's see what February will bring! It could be good, it could be bad, but it won't be uneventful.

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Grab A Cup & Blanket: Favorite Blog Reads This Month


Since starting Ink & Coffee, I've really gotten into reading blogs again, but not just any blog and not just any post.  I'm bringing my favorite blog reads feature back from Pulp Sushi and giving it a new home here.  I do most of my blog reading in the morning while drinking my coffee and snuggled in my favorite blanket on the couch. Would you like to join me? 

When Did Luxury Become The New Basic? - I can relate so much to what Heidi is talking about at Rowhouse14.  It seems like we are raising a generation of people who feel like they are entitled to everything.  

5 Failures You Need To Experience If You Want to Succeed In Life - Here's a new (to me) blog I just started following.  Failing at something doesn't making an "ending."  I read this post at a critical time of me slowly letting go of Pulp Sushi after resisting for so long. There's no right way to succeed, and it's okay to never feel ready, we're never quite ready so why not just dive in and just go for it! "When you’re feeling a little unconfident and struggling to make progress, that’s when you’re growing stronger and smarter."

Tips For Driving Traffic To Your New Website - I've been reading and seeing more sellers branch out of Etsy and opening up their own online stores. I've tried this too (twice) but didn't stick with it. That doesn't mean it can't be done! There is a world outside of Etsy and Julie Ann explains how you can be a part of that!

Lessons From Laundry Day - I smiled when I read this post from Nikkiana because I hate doing chores too. I hate cleaning. We all have things we have to do that we don't like to do.  Ever notice that it takes more work avoiding tasks and making excused than to actually just suck it up and do it? 

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