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Working Breakfast Date At Ella's Bellas

Sometimes I need to get the hell out of my apartment. It's hard for me to get together with friends during the day because they work and my hours are wack-a-doo.  Thank God for Jess from Knot By Gran'ma!  I can just email her at random and ask if she wants together for a "Working Breaking Date" and she'll be down.  She can relate to my situation as a mom who works from home and while her kids are at school, she can get a little stir crazy too.  So let's get crazy together!

We recently headed to Beacon to hang out at Ella's Bellas.  Sometimes, you just gotta go to a pretty cafe, drink coffee, work and shoot the shit.  That's exactly what we did.  

image from

You can see my hands reflected on the spoon.  We scored a sweet rustic white metal table. I almost want to say it's something you would see in an old doctor's office. 

Before I stirred up my latte, I was given a heart.

My view for the morning.


Proof that I was actually working - you know I had to take a pic like this or else I would lose my "Blogger Card." Messy muffin, don't care!  This was a lot of fun and I need to do stuff like this more so I don't completely lose touch of what human interaction should be like.   I need to stay on Jess' ass about trying to do this once a month.  Maybe more people will join us and it can become a "thing."

Do you like to work outside of the home?  Where do you like to go? Do you have a favorite spot? 

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