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My Favorite Social Media Apps

The following was previously published at Pulp Sushi in 2015 as part of my Social Media Coffee Buzz series

When asked which are my favorite form of Social Media to use for my business, I always say my top three are Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest - in that order.  Twitter and Instagram mainly because I can access both on my phone which I admit I check a lot and can do quickie updates when something comes up.  It's great for sharing "behind the scenes" content.



Twitter continues to be my favorite way to stay tuned-in with what's going on.  I like being able to filter and group Twitter accounts together by using their Lists feature.  Much to many bloggers disappointment, it may have replaced commenting on blogs because I find myself way more chatty on Twitter than I do leave comments on blogs.  I talk to my blog friends on Twitter more than in our blogs.

Analytics - I like checking stats even though I could be better at checking them more regularly.  You can always get a picture of how your tweets are doing by checking out Twitter's Analytics page


Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 4.22.59 PM


No real analytics to check here but Instagram reached 400 million users.  I was interviewed recently for Veeqo on an article about how retailers use Instagram to boost sales.   I've written about Instagram before and highlighted some of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow.   

I will take jewelry images just for Instagram that does not appear in the shop.  Now that Instagram has added frames, you can share more than one photo in an Instagram upload! Instagram is where I can get the most creative with my look.  In the spirit of Halloween, this year I decided to upload images from some of my favorite horror movies and turned them into Pulp Sushi promos and PSAs:

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 6.13.50 PM

I would alternate between horror pic and jewelry pic so when someone checks out my profile, right away they see I have jewelry but also like horror....hey this chick seems cool!

I try to be mindful of when to share something on Instagram because there are studies that show the best times to post on Instagram


Unlike Twitter and Instagram, I do not check Pinterest on my phone. I've tried their mobile app before and it's just not the same as seeing my feed on a big browser window. Pinterest is way more popular with women than men and since I make jewelry for women, you best believe I got to get my product images in there.   Pinterest remains my top referrer for my blog and Etsy shop.  Every new item to my Etsy shop gets pinned.  I have written about Pinterest a lot for my blog.  There are different theories and research on how to gain more followers on Pinterest.   What I like to do is take a couple of minutes, just a couple, throughout the day and pin a few items.  Instead of pinning 30 items in 30 minutes, break that up to just a handful and do that through out the day - maybe once in the morning, afternoon, and evening.  Once I started pinning this way, the followers increased.  

Don't be afraid to pin yourself! Whether it's from your blog or your online shop! It's a great way to get your item noticed.  It's also okay to repin yourself at a later time too. 

So what are your favorite social apps to use for your business or blog? 

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