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Starting Over: A New Career

Ask and you shall receive! I mentioned earlier this month wanting to take on a second Freelance gig.   Well I gone ahead and did just that! I'm happy to share that I have joined the team at Rogue Social as their Social Media Coordinator. I guess I better update my tasks I do at home


I make jokes about being old, I know I'm not "old" but I have some experience under my belt and I entered the corporate world right out of high school. I've only had office jobs, never worked a cash register at a store or a "Summer Job."  I was a Business major in college because that was the degree to get if you wanted to make money.  I didn't like it. I was an okay student but nothing to brag about.  I got a BA in Psychology and landed a job in Human Resources. While I bounced around, HR stuck with me for 16 years until I left my last job in 2014.

While in HR, I was building Pulp Sushi and getting into social media for promoting my Etsy shop and blog.  Then I started seeing people talk about social media like it was a real thing, then it turned into a real thing! It's not just teenagers dicking around talking to their friends, it became a serious tool for all types of businesses big and small. Not everyone "gets" social media and how to use it - there is a science to it.  It became a job for some companies, "Social Media Manager/Strategist/Coordinator." A new line of work just develop over the last 15 years!  I wanted in!  I'm tired of HR!

I gained more experience doing some social media for Typepad, it's part of our customer service. Ok, I can do this for another business that's not my own, yay!  I wanted to do more.  When a friend posted on Facebook that A Little Beacon Blog was looking for a freelance Social Media Coordinator, I said "Screw it!" and contacted them, not expecting to get it, I was wrong.  Now I get to tweet and Instagram for another blog besides my own.  Am I considered a Social Media Professional yet??  I was a little apprehensive giving myself that title but now that I'm working with an actual social media company, I am super excited to get my hands dirty and working with clients directly. 

It took a couple of years from just thinking about it, to actually pursuing social media work.  The timing had to be right for things to fall into place. 

Have you changed careers? Was making the transition easy or challenging?

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