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Freshbooks Review For Freelancers - Bookkeeping Made SO Easy!


Recently I had an epiphany and realized that maybe I shouldn't keep using spreadsheets to track my time for invoices. I'm sorta new to whole Freelance thing so I'm still learning about invoicing and keeping track of EVERYTHING. After some research, I signed up for Freshbooks which I first heard about from Emily & Kathleen's Being Boss podcast. Do you listen to them? They're great!

Freshbooks is designed for the non-accountant, the small business or creative person that hates doing the numbers stuff.  It is so simple to use that I'm kind of obsessed with it now. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 5.01.31 PM

What sold me on Freshbooks that I did not find with other online bookeeping services is that it allows me to accurately track my time. I no longer have to short change myself nor overcharge my client for the work that I do. I just love that little pop-up timer.   Once you have all your time plugged in, you can generate a swank looking invoice that displays all of your unbilled time and tasks - very professional looking. 

Plus they got a killer app! Not only can I still track time,  create and send invoices, I can also take a picture of a receipt and upload it as an expense, all on my phone, heeeeey!

Freshbooks iPhone App

What about getting paid?  You can accept Credit Card payments through Freshbooks or connect to your PayPal and/or Stripe account.  It's super easy.  You can also connect it to your Bank Account to keep better track of your expenses.   

Last, if you like looking at the big picture, you can quickly run just about any type of report - Profit/Loss, Expenses, Time Tracking, Tax Summary, Tasks Invoiced, and so much more. 

So here's what's up! All Freshbooks links in this post are my referral links.  You can try it out for 30 days free like I did and see if it works for you.   It's especially great if you're a Freelancer and you deal with multiple clients.  It can get crazy keeping track of time worked and expenses made for who.  If you're new to Freelancing, check out this awesome infographic from Freshbooks to show you what you are in for after the jump!

What do you use for tracking your Finances for your business? Are you still using spreadsheets like I was for many years?



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