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This is a follow up to my previous post about Promoting Your Jewelry Business On Instagram.  Since writing that blog post, I have created a separate Instagram for personal non-jewelry stuff which you can check out @marilyn_coffeeink.


I use Frametastic when I want to show more than one item in a photo but I also like "Layout" which Instagram released in 2015.  It's sorta kinda built in to IG to collage your images which you can do quick and dirty.  

A pet peeve I have on Instagram is when someone uploads several images at once (like from a concert) so I'm scrolling through nothing but what they're sharing, it can get annoying. Break that shit up!  This might change with with their algorithm updates so we'll see. That's why I like to use frames, like when I go to see wrestling live: 

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 11.09.07 AMSee? There's my whole night in one shot for you to double-tap and move along.  I love this feature.

I knew I was going to be all over the A Beautiful Mess app once it was released.  I like to use it write text on my images for promotional stuff.  Plus they have a lot of neat doodles and pretty things you can add to your pictures.   It came in really handy when I changed my Instagram name. 


The Repost app is pretty awesome. It lets you share or "regram" a photo from another Instagram account. For example, it's great for giveaways when you're asked to regram the image. It saves time taking screenshots and then adjusting the size.  There is a similar app on Google Play called PhotoRepost.

The latest app I started using is Snapseed (iTunes and Android).  Like VSCO, it has cool filters, editing, and adjustment tools to bring out the best in your images. I still use VSCO Cam because I like to have options -  it's available on iTunes and Google Play.  


I really try to limit how much I adjust my images.  I use these apps to make them look their best, not to turn them into a completely different image.  In the beginning of my Instagram days, I went nuts with filters and tones and aaaaahhh look at all this cool shit!!! Now I'm over it and a bit smarter about it.  I got this thing where I don't want to lie to people but sometimes the phone can't quite capture what I'm trying to show off (like a Full Moon, I've given up taking pictures of Full Moons).

Not exactly a photo editing app but I gotta mention IFTTT.  When I found the recipe on IFTTT to share your IG images on Twitter as an IMAGE and not a link, I was all over it. IFTTT is the best, I use IFTTT for automated EVERYTHING.  

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 11.36.50 AM

What are your favorite photo editing apps? 

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