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The following was previously published at Pulp Sushi in 2015 as part of my Social Media Coffee Buzz series

Building your Social Media following does not happen overnight. While businesses use social media to promote their products or the launch of a promotion, it has also become more than just that. I must admit, it is easier for me to connect to people online than in person. It's like that for many people, it's the Introvert in me. That is just the world we live in now.


Get your brand message out there and grab people quickly! With a quick skim through a Twitter or Pinterest feed, you don't want to missed.  Once you grab your audience, you want to keep them. You keep them by getting them to connect with you, when they connect with you, they will follow you.

This is also a two way street where interaction is important.  Interaction with your followers keeps them engaged.  Don't just announce what's new in your Etsy shop, ask questions, follow back, leave comments, be topical, share some love!

It is more than “promoting” and saying “Look what I got!!” Building your brand is about telling your story, the message you want to convey to the world. Some people use words, other use images, or you can do a bit of both. It is why I felt comfortable using different platforms when I was actively promoting my Etsy business but at times, some apps may mesh better with you than others. 

Some of the most popular blog posts to read are when an artist, designer, or maker shares a “behind the scenes” of their studio.  They show what their workspace looks like, their desk, their tools, perhaps some inspiration art prints displayed on their walls.  

When you share more of yourself, it actually gives your customer an idea of how professional you are and how serious you take your craft, blog or business.  Once they relate to that, they can appreciate what your selling more.  When you invite customers in to your world beyond what you are selling, a connection is made. Let your true voice be heard! 

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