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A Quickie Guide To Google Analytics

Previously published at Pulp Sushi in July 2015

Oooh I love quickies! (What??) I mean quick and easy tutorials especially to something as complex as Google Analytics.

GAOne of the things I do for Typepad is I help out with their blog, Everything Typepad.  Every month I share a tutorial for our bloggers.   I once posted a tutorial about using Google Analytics.  

Since using Google Analytics is not limited to just Typepad bloggers, I wanted to give it a plug here as there are tips and pointers which could come in handy for many folks who are interested in learning more about who is visiting their blog.  It's good to see how your blog is working in attracting visitors, whether it's through your keywords and tags, your social media plugs, or other bloggers sharing your links.  

I've been using Google Analytics for a few years and I have barely scratched the surface.  There is just SO much data you can gather.

In my Typepad piece, I focus on the features I refer to my personal blog which you can read in full here

Do you use Google Analytics? How do you keep track of your blog visitors? 

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