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Small Business Tip: Sometimes You Have To Say 'No'

It's OK To Work For Someone Else


Be your own boss, become an entrepreneur, work your own hours, make your own rules!

Sure this all sounds lovely at first but what is not advertised as much is the amount of WORK that goes into it. Can you imagine if EVERYONE worked for themselves? What work would there be left to do?  

While I work from home, I am not my own boss. I don't consider Pulp Sushi a part-time job anymore since I have moved on from it.  I still work for Typepad and I work with A Little Beacon Blog and Rogue Social as my clients - even though I feel like a part of their teams 100%, I don't feel like I'm working for myself.  But you know what? I'm okay with all of this and where I am right now.

You're not a failure if you have no desire to run your own business.  It's cool if you want to keep your Etsy shop as a hobby! I tried it and I was just meh. I like being in a supportive role.  Whether it's working in a big office or a small startup, one of my strengths is that I am SUPER organized to the point where I am annoying, but hey, some people need that!   Why do you think so many "Virtual Assistants" are popping up?  

Many people are venturing out with a business on their own (that's awesome!) but there comes a time where they realize that they can't DO IT ALL on their own.  It could be accounting, social media, updating blogs, managing a newsletter, or wherever else they drop the ball with, there's always going to be a need for extra help.  If this is what you feel drawn to doing, then walk, no, stomp down that path and own it!

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