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Instagram Tips Tested, Marilyn Approved!

One of the things I love about working with Rogue Social is how much I am learning. There's been so much buzz about Instagram lately about their algorithm changes, Rogue Social published a blog post with tips on how to keep your Instagram images seen, noticed, and engaging and not worry about getting lost in an endless feed of scrolling. 


With my newer account, @marilyn_coffeeink - I wanted to try some of these tips. A lot of these I already do (ie: square images, not post several images in a row, using hashtags). However, the Hashtag tip of leaving them in the comments instead of the description was new to me.  I've seen other people do this and wondered Why?   

Hashtags in your comments are still searchable and work just the same as putting them in your description.  It's better to do this trick if you plan on using a lot of hashtags (at least 10, no more than 30).   The trick with the dots is to push the hashtags down so they don't appear as a cluster of hashtags when scrolling.  I'll still keep a couple of hashtags in the description and use the comments for more popular (but still relevant) tags. 


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I try to post the comment right after the image is posted but "duni_studio" beat me to it lol!  I use the Notes app in my iPhone and I have a note where I save several hashtags grouped together based on the kind of images I normally post and I insert those dots above each batch of tags, so when it comes time for me to post, I can quickly copy/paste from my note to Instagram.

I happened to start doing this on April 1st. There's no way to keep track of stats in the Instagram app so Iconosquare and Squarelovin comes in very handy.  As of December 1, 2015, analytics have become available only for Plus and Elite users and no longer offered for free.   As an alternative, you can check out Squarelovin which is free and almost like Iconosquare except you don't get any "Snapshots" like Iconosquare offers. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 11.46.42 AM

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Since April 1st, I've received more likes and comments. Of course this includes the comments I'm leaving with the hashtags but it's more than doubled in the last month, that's not all me.   I think people are making more of an attempt to leave comments and be "engaging" with others in order to keep their feeds showing people they want to see and also been seen by others. 

Followers have gone up steadily.  I do not like using the Follow/Unfollow trick because it just seems shady to me.  I still want to follow accounts I genuinely like, not to just boost my numbers so a brand can reach out to me and give me free stuff to post about.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 11.48.12 AM

Call me old fashioned but I'd like follower growth to happen organically.  Overall, I think the hashtag comments trick works.  It's a little time consuming but if you find you posts the same type of images (ie: selfies, food, street photography, etc), you can save your hashtags ahead of time and tweak when needed before you share an update. 

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