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I don't want to tell you how to manage your blog.  I've already written about how tired I was of everyone with a blog telling me how to make my blog better.  Who writes a blog post every day? I'm lucky if I can hammer out a post out a week although I'm committed to my goal for this year. I am crawling out of my biggest blogging block yet and I thought it would be fun to write about how I did it. 


Quality was always more important to me than quantity but dry spells are common.  The brain just taps out and I don't know what to write about.  So I take a blogging break, that's okay.  But I'm back and rejuvenated and let the burnt-outness pass.  That's my first tip on how to get out of a blogging block: 

  • Ride it out!  If you suffer from insomnia, they say the harder you try to sleep, the longer you will stay awake.  So....don't try so  hard.  Stop thinking about it. 
  • Read other blogs: Don't flat out COPY someone else, but you may come across a blog post that will trigger inspiration to share your own point of view. Which leads to my next point...
  • Respond to an article you read.  This has been a BIG help for me when I came back to this blog late last year.  That's how I came up with the blog post, Don't You Want To Be A Mom?
  • Draft random ideas & save: I have a bunch of incomplete drafts saved in my blog. Some drafts just consist of random words that I will get back to (eventually). I can quickly access my blog on my phone which is where I store most of my brain storming ideas.
  • Go to a bookstore: I have not done this but I love this suggestion from SmartBlogger

That's it! It's a small list but it's worked for me.   How do you get out of your writers block? 

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