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Review: Bright Cellar Cheese Experience

Today I wanna share something different than my recent posts, I'm talking about CHEESE! FYI, this is not a sponsored post. I paid for this because I love cheese and I wanted to share that love with you!


I love cheese, how can you not love cheese? It comes from Milk which is good for you! How can cheese do you wrong?  You can't have pizza without cheese, melt some cheese on French Fries and I'm DONE.  I can snack on cheese for days.   I don't sign up for subscription boxes.  The only subscription I have is with Dollar Shave Club.  Thanks to Twitter, I learned about Bright Cellar's Cheese Experience!

Bright Cellar is a monthly wine subscription service, looking to pair you with wines that suit your taste and introduce you to some new labels.  Bright Cellar's Cheese Experience is the same except it's CHEESE! I took their quiz to find out my cheese match. Their quiz paired me with Brick Original Bon Bree, Sublime Lime Cheddar Armada, Gouda Truffle Marieke, and Quark Clock Shadow Creamery. All produced in Wisconsin.  There's almost no "wrong" cheese but I'd like to learn more about pairing wine with cheeses.  The point is to enhance the flavor of the other.  


A couple of days later I received a personal note from Bright Cellar thanking me for signing up. How sweet!  My package arrived super quick. The cheeses sizes were quite generous and they were all packed in a climate controlled envelop to keep it all fresh.  And they included a free gift - a jar of Quince & Apple "Peach Chamomile" which goes well with the Gouda.  

Let's talk TASTE!

Guys, I can't pick a favorite from this batch. They are all so good! I grabbed a bunch of butter crackers, poured a glass of Purple Malbec and went to town. I think the wine washed down Quark the best. It's very creamy and a little tart. I would love to top my scramble eggs with Armada with its mild onion and garlic flavor (don't worry, it's not overpowering). The Bree was the most smooth and creamiest that's all natural with no food coloring or artificial flavors, just straight up!  The most potent (stinky) would be the Gouda, it had black truffles and truffle oil which gave it a very earthy taste - maybe my least favorite but I still like it.

If you're curious to see what your cheese match is, take their quick quiz and find out! 

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